Pressure sewage

The sewage system is the infrastructure where waste water is discharged, collected, and transported. A sewerage system is made up of pipes (sewers), wells, and pumps that have been laid underground in towns and villages. They drain waste water and rain water away in a safe and healthy manner.


These days, many locations use separate systems. Waste water and rain water from roofs and street surfaces are transported via two separate systems. The rain water system is called Rain Water Drainage (RWD) and the waste water system is usually called dry weather drainage or DWD. Rain water drainage is sometimes also called storm water drainage (SWD). The dry weather drainage leads to the waste water treatment plant. Overflows are unnecessary here as there is no chance of extreme peaks and troughs in the system. The rain water is drained immediately or via a limited treatment to surface water.

There are generally two sorts of sewage systems; gravity and pressure sewage systems.

Gravity sewage uses gravity to get the water to its destination. The sewage pipes are laid on a slight slope, so rain and waste water naturally stream the right way (gravity). The disadvantage of this system is that the pipes need to be laid very precisely and at great depth to satisfy the minimum slope required for good movement.

If a gravity sewage system is not possible, unpractical, or ineffective, then a pressure sewage system is used. Pressure sewage is often used overseas to transport waste water from widely spread farms and other plots of land to a sewage treatment plant.

A pressure sewage system collects the sewage in a pit. Once the water level reaches a certain level, then the system automatically empties the pit. A sewage pump pumps the water into the pressure pipe.

Bedu Pumps supplies and installed complete pumping stations, that come with either a concrete or a PE pit. The dimensions, content, connections, and covered are made to measure and are designed to fit your situation. Not only do we supply and install new pumping stations, we also renovate existing stations. If required, we can replace the entire piping network as well as the pump(s), controls, level controls, etc.

If you require a sewage pump, Bedu Pumps can supply grinder pumps, pumps with recessed (vortex) impellers, and pumps with channel impellers.

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