Cocoa mass and cocoa butter

Cocoa beans are generally grown in tropical regions. The cocoa beans are fermented and dried in the country where they are grown. In a cocoa factory that is often located in another part of the world, beans of various origins are mixed to achieve the desired taste and quality. They are then roasted in rotating drums at a temperature of approximately 140 ° C. Temperature and duration, together with the preceding fermentation process, largely determine the final flavor of the cocoa. The roasted beans then pass through a crusher. The cap breaks open and is blown away so that only the core remains. The cores are finely ground in the cocoa mills into a thick paste, the cocoa mass. Cocoa butter can be extracted from this product by a cocoa butter press. The thick, hard lump that remains afterwards is ground into 'skimmed cocoa' or 'cocoa powder'. Cocoa mass is therefore the raw material for cocoa powder, cocoa butter and chocolate. Bedu Pompen has years of experience in pumping cocoa mass. We do this with gear pumps with internal gearing in a special wear-resistant version and a heated pump housing. Besides pumps for cocoa mass, Bedu Pompen also supplies pumps for pumping cocoa butter and chocolate and potash.

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