Paint and ink industry

Within the paint and ink industry, many different types and colors of paint and inks are produced, from low to highly viscous, from water-based to solvent-based and even highly abrasive versions. The production area is usually explosive.

In order to pump these different types of paint and inks, it is important to know their properties well because the wrong choice of pump can result in high maintenance costs.

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Bedu pumps has more than 40 years of experience in this industry and supplies various pumps, each with their own specific characteristics. You can think of gear pumps with internal or external teeth, eccentric worm pumps, pneumatically driven diaphragm pumps, barrel pumps, hose displacement pumps, side channel impeller pumps, etc. Custom solutions are also possible, whereby we think along with you as much as possible and meet your wishes. Other liquids that we regularly pump with our pumps within this industry include resins, isocyanates (MDI and TDI), solvents such as xylene, turpetine, thinner, various emulsions, etc.

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