Potato processing industry

Potato products are doing well on the international market. As a potato processing industry, the Netherlands is even in the top three in the world! The potato is a plant that creates an energy supply in the form of starch in underground tubers. The starch stores the plant in tubers that are edible for humans, which, like the plant itself, are called potatoes or potatoes. The potato is the most important food crop worldwide after rice, wheat and maize. The potato originally comes from South America, but has been one of the staple foods in many European countries since the 16th century. In many countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium, the potato is seen as a meal carrier. In other countries it counts as a vegetable. Like rice, pasta and bread, the potato is an important source of carbohydrates. Potatoes also contain vitamin B6, vitamin C and fiber. Potatoes are cooked for consumption, not only because of their edibility, but also because of the presence of the toxin fasin, which is converted into a harmless substance by this preparation.



For the processing of potatoes from the moment they come off the land up to and including the packaging line, Bedu pumps supplies many pumps, such as pumps for washing the potatoes at the destoning machines, pumps for the potato steam peels, pumps for rinsing the potatoes, pumps for cyclone filters to separate the starch, pumps for circulating hot cooking oil, draining pumps for pumping out hot cooking oil, filter pumps for hot cooking oil, etc.

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