Argal pumps

Argal produces synthetic centrifugal pumps and cantilever pumps for use in the chemical industry.

Argal synthetic centrifugal pumps are available with a large variety of mechanical seals. There are also Argal magnetic drive pumps supplied for applications where absolutely no leakage may occur. Argal pumps are available in various types of synthetics including PP, E-CTFE and PVDF.

Argal cantilever pumps, also called Argal tail pumps, are synthetic pumps which have a long shaft; part of the pump is submersed under the liquid and the electric motor is situated above the liquid level.

These pumps can also be supplied in a Cantilever version which has no mechanical seal and no slider bearings thus minimising the number of parts which can wear. The Cantilever pumps can be placed in the liquid tank or next to it.

Bedu Pumps is also specialised in the repair, overhaul and maintenance of Argal centrifugal and cantilever pumps.

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