Ragazzini pumps

Ragazzini is a manufacturer of high quality hose displacement pumps, also known as hose pumps.
Tubular positive displacement pumps are ideal for pumping low to very high viscous liquids with or without solids. , do not have a shaft seal, the direction of rotation is reversible, have a fixed capacity per revolution and are therefore well suited for dosing purposes and are extremely suitable for shear sensitive liquids.

The Ragazzini hose pumps are characterized by the robust roller construction in which bearing pressure rollers roll over the hose with minimal frictional resistance. In contrast to many other hose pumps with sliding shoes, no glycerine-filled pump housing is used here. The pump housing of the Ragazzini pumps is simply dry so that your product to be pumped is not contaminated in the event of a hose rupture. This also simplifies hose replacement. A possibly occurring hose rupture can be detected by means of a leak detection. For filter press applications Ragazzini produces high pressure hose displacement pumps that can deliver pressures up to 15 bar. These filter press pumps are usually used in combination with a pressure sensor and a frequency inverter.

Bedu Pumps is also specialized in the repair, overhaul and maintenance of Ragazzini hose displacement pumps.

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