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SERO is a German manufacturer with more than 125 years of experience in the field of side channel impeller pumps.

SERO side channel impeller pumps are very self-priming and are extremely suitable for pumping solvents, various hydrocarbons and various chemical and petrochemical liquids without solid components.

For pumping liquids with a high vapor pressure, SERO has side channel impeller pumps with an NPSH pre-stage so that the NPSH required is very low.

SERO pumps are widely used for suctioning liquids from underground storage tanks and for pumping liquids with gas bubbles.

Designed for capacities from 0.3 to 36 m3 / h and delivery heights up to 1200 m.
Features of SERO side channel impeller pumps:
- very good and fast self-priming
- available in different materials and designs
- explosion-proof versions in accordance with ATEX
- capable of pumping liquids with a lot of gas.
- versions in EN 734 making them 1: 1 interchangeable with other well-known manufacturers

- Chemistry
- Petrochemistry
- Fuel
- Paint and Ink industry
- Maritime sector

Bedu Pompen is a SERO dealer for the Benelux and also specializes in the repair, overhaul and maintenance of SERO side channel impeller pumps. For more information, also visit the SERO website:

soh.jpg SERO SOH serie                                                    SERO SFH seriesfh.jpg

shp.jpg SERO SHP serie                                             SERO SRZS serie   srzs.jpg                                          

svg.jpg SERO SVG serie                                                                    SERO SRZ serie srz.jpg                                                         

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