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M pumps has been specialized in the design and manufacture of magnet-driven pumps for the chemical and petrochemical industry for about 45 years.

The delivery program includes magnet-driven centrifugal pumps, magnet-driven turbine impeller pumps and magnet-driven vane pumps.

M Pumps magnetically driven pumps are leak-free because they are completely hermetically sealed and have no shaft seal, so the risk of leakage is minimal. The M Pumps pumps are available in many material combinations including stainless steel AISI 316, Hastelloy, Polyprolylene, PVDF and PFA lined. Other special alloys are also possible.

For the Petrochemical industry, M Pumps has an extensive series of magnet-driven API 685 pumps.

M Pumps has a unique patented Hybrid magnet transmission with minimal magnet losses so that the temperature development remains very low and the absorbed power is significantly lower, resulting in considerable energy savings.

Bedu Pompen is exclusive dealer of M Pumps for the Benelux and also specializes in the repair, overhaul and maintenance of all M Pumps pumps.

For more information, also visit http://www.mpumps.it

Centrifugal pumps

T MAG-M serie

T MAG-PM serie

T MAG-P serie

CT MAG-M serie

CM MAG-P serie

cm mag_m.JPG

SC MAG-M serie

C MAG-PL serie

CL MAG-M serie


CN MAG-M serie

CN MAG-M API serie

Vane pumps

VP serie

V in-line serie

V-MS serie

Plug-in pumps

cmv_mag_p_serie.jpgCV MAG-P serie

CNV MAG-M serie

Hollow disc pumps

MHV MAG-M serie

For more information, also visit http://www.mpumps.it.

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