Rotary lobe pumps

Rotary lobe pumps are self-priming rotary displacement pumps that are suitable for pumping water-thin to highly viscous liquids (1 – 1,000,000 cPs) with or without solid components.The rotors rotate without contact with each other and are made of non-galling Alloy 88 material. They run with a long line seal in combination with rigid and thick shafts (material 17-4ph) and small clearances (less than 0.1 mm) between the rotors and the pump housing.This construction makes it possible to achieve pressures of up to 34 bar.These hygienic pumps are completely made of stainless steel, including the gearbox.The front-loading seal design ensures that the pumps are quick and easy to clean. The pumps are CIP cleanable and meet the highest hygienic requirements.  



    • Max. capacity: 70 m3/hr
    • Max. capacity: 1167 l/min
    • Max. capacity: 70000 l/hr
    • Max. discharge head: 340 m
    • Max. pressure: 34 bar
    • Max. drainage: 10 mm

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