Dosing pumps

The dosing pumps are used for dosing thin liquids including chemicals. There are two types of dosing pumps including piston pumps and diaphragm pumps. The capacity can be controlled by the length of stroke with calibration from 0 to 100%. There is also the option of being able to set the speed of the electric motors by using a frequency control.

  • Blackline Pro  pump series

    Dosing pumps with external control.

    • Max. capacity: 0,8 m3/hr
    • Max. capacity: 13,3 l/min
    • Max. capacity: 800 l/hr
    • Max. pressure: 100 bar

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  • HV series

    Dosing pumps for high viscosities of up to 55000 cP.

    • Max. capacity: 0,15 m3/hr
    • Max. capacity: 3 l/min
    • Max. capacity: 150 l/hr
    • Max. discharge head: 100 m
    • Max. pressure: 10 bar

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