Drum pumps are used if the liquid has just to be pumped out of a barrel. The pumps can be inserted directly into the barrel and, using a discharge hose (with a nozzle if this is required) you can transport the liquid to the desired destination.

Various pump units are available with different impeller types and in a range of materials depending on the liquid to be pumped. There are also excentric screw pumps for highly viscous liquids.

  • Drum pumps with PP pump unit

    Insert length 700, 1000 or 1200 mm in combiation with various motor.

    • Max. power: 0,85 kW
    • Max. capacity: 6,6 m3/hr
    • Max. capacity: 110 l/min
    • Max. capacity: 6600 l/hr
    • Max. discharge head: 16 m
    • Max. pressure: 2 bar
    • Max. insertion length: 1200 mm

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