SB3 pump series

SB3 pump series


3" Submersible pumps oil-cooled engines.

  • Max. power: 1,1 kW
  • Max. capacity: 2,7 m3/hr
  • Max. capacity: 45 l/min
  • Max. capacity: 2700 l/hr
  • Max. discharge head: 120 m
  • Max. pressure: 12 bar



The SB3 source pumps have an external diameter of 74 mm dia.

The pumps are equipped with a built-in check valve.

The pump casing is made of stainless steel AISI 304 and the impellers and diffusers made ??of plastic.

By default, these pumps are equipped with an oil-cooled electric motor, which by means of a NEMA flange is coupled to the pump work.

The pumps are suitable for the pumping of clean water without solids up to a maximum temperature of 30 ° C.


  • Stainless steel AISI304

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