Meat processing industry

After an animal has been slaughtered, it goes as a carcass or in (technical) parts thereof for further treatment and processing. This can be in the slaughterhouse or to various specialized companies in the meat chain. Meat companies process the carcass after slaughter into a variety of fresh meat products, sausage, meat products and meat preserves. Everything revolves around quality and quality assurance. The products are intended for buyers at home and abroad. A carcass goes for further processing to a cutting plant, where specialized employees bone it and cut it into smaller pieces, for further processing in yet other specialized companies (butchers) or ready for fresh sale in the supermarket as a pork chop, steak or cutlet. Meat products are made from the fresh meat, such as minced meat and breaded meat. The fresh meat (whether or not pre-packaged or semi-processed) goes to supermarket chains, fast food companies, wholesalers, snack manufacturers and producers of frozen meals. Processed meat factories process meat into sausage, meat products and canned meat. They keep it longer by pickling, smoking, cooking, baking, roasting or grilling. Herbs, spices, vegetables and other raw materials are also added, resulting in an extensive range of products. Other specialists process blood into black pudding and wooden slurry. Organ meat is also processed into all kinds of tasty products.

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Just like the slaughterhouses, meat processing companies work according to fixed rules and procedures to guarantee quality and food safety. The basis is HACCP, which is the international standard for safeguarding the production process in a company. The companies also work with additional assurance systems and procedures to guarantee the quality of their product. Employees cut the meat, grind it, mix it, and package and label it. For example, a processed meat factory has machines that fill sausage casings with meat, that fill glass jars and cans or vacuum-pack sausages in plastic.

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Bedu Pompen supplies the meat processing industry with various pumps, including special cogwheel dosing pumps for co-extrusion machines for the production of sausages, dosing pumps for dosing various additives, pumps for brine water, etc.


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