Every pump has its own characteristics and specifications. Each of them with its own pros and cons. We make sure you invest in a solution that works best for your specific needs. 
Based on practical experience
Our advice is based on our practical experience, based on our years of working with industrial processes. We have a large scale of pumps with different pump principles available. We take your application into account and optimise the pump to make sure it fits best.
The composition of the material, the kind and type of shaft seal, bearings, drive, connections, controls, coatings, we take everything into account and take a close look at what you need. We can offer the best, customised solution if your specific situation asks for it. 
Great operation guaranteed
We study your process when you request a pump or pump skid. We want to get a clear view of all the parameters, before we select a pump or skid for you. We will offer you a solution, when we are absolutely certain that solution will work in your specific situation and need. We believe in building longterm relationships with satisfied customers. 
Pipes resistance calculations
A pump is always part of a process, with different components like piping. Whether a pump operates well in the process, is dependent on the pipesystem with their components The pipe resistance can lower the performance of the pump. Bedu Pompen has specialised simulation software to help advise you which pipe diameter is necessary for the best performance. 

Bedu Pompen builds all sorts of frames and skids. Everything gets designed by our expert engineers in SolidWorks. These 3D-drawing are the basis for our production process. We are happy to make these 3D-drawing available to you as STEP-files. We also use these 3D-drawing in our meetings to make sure our product fits your wishes perfectly. 

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