Paint and ink industry

In the paint and ink industry, various types and colours of paint and ink are produced, from low to high viscosity, from water-borne to solvent-based and even highly abrasive types. The production floor can be hazardous.

In order to pump these different types of paint and ink, it is important to understand their individual properties, as the wrong pump selection may result in high maintenance costs. 

Bedu Pumps has more than 30 years of experience in this field and delivers various pumps, each with their own specific characteristics. This might involve gear pumps with internal and external teeth, excentric screw pumps, pneumatically-driven diaphragm pumps, barrel pumps, hose displacement pumps, side-entry impeller pumps etc. Customised solutions are part of our service as well. We think alongside you as much as we can and try to meet your needs.

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