About us

Knowledge and experience

Pumps, they form the heart of numerous proceses. Every application asks for a specific pump. At Bedu Pompen that is the mindset we keep. During the 42 years we have been in business we build a wealth of information and knowledge. That is why we are the right partner for you when you are looking for an independent supplier of fluid pumps. Our 35 enthusiastic and skilled employees are ready for you!


Bedu Pompen predominantly focuses on the industrial market and waste water market. Within the industrial market is the chemical sector our main market, but our products are also applicable in other industries and markets. Bedu Pompen has branches in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Suitable solutions.  Quality is our top priority! We specialise in cooperating and contributing within your process to ensure we deliver a custom solution and support when necessary. Thanks to our large stock, comprehensive workshop, test facilities and technical support, we are able to deliver tailored fluid pumps and pump installation solutions in almost any situation. We also offer quick and skilled repair, revisioning or preventive maintenance work. You can rely on our support and technical support services 24 hours per day, 7 a week. With our informal, no-nonsense culture combined with short lines of communication we are ready to assist you.

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