Gas and air scrubbers

Wet scrubbers are mainly used in industrial processes to get rid of certain substances in the air (gas). A scrubber is using absorption. The purpose of a scrubber is the neutralization of one or more pollutants in a (industrial) waste gas or air flow. The operation is based on bringing the waste stream into contact with a liquid (scrubber). The scrubber liquid takes a part of the (harmful) gas stream by absorption.                                         

An air scrubber is used in intensive farming to reduce emissions of hazardous substances and / or substances that harm the environment. There are two different types of scrubbers, namely chemical and biological scrubbers. There are also combined scrubbers, first part chemical and then an organic part. Chemical scrubbers work with the aid of sulfuric acid with water, air washers with the aid of organic bacteria. Chemical scrubbers reduce only ammonia and large part of the dust, while biological air washers reduce also other fragrances than that of ammonia.                                                                                                                                               




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