Boiler feed and condensate

Boiler feeding:

A boiler feed pump is used to pump hot water into a steam boiler. The water supplied by the boiler water feed water pump is needed to replenish the lost boiler water in normal use. The boiler water feed pumps are used on most systems and use a boiler to provide hot water for heating or steam needed for various industrial processes. The process includes high pressure, high ambient temperatures and a significant number of starts and stops that load the pump. Bedu Pompen supplies the Sero side channel impeller pumps for this application. Characteristic of these pumps is that they can process gas bubbles very well and they require a low NPSH, which benefits the operational reliability.

Ketelvoeding en Condensaat.PNG


When selecting condensate pumps, it is very important to know whether the condensate tank comprises an open or closed system. In particular with closed condensate systems, the inlet pressure or NPSHa (NPSH available) will be very close to the absolute negative pressure. This means that a pump must be selected that has the lowest possible NPSHr (NPSH required). Thanks to the Sero side channel impeller pumps with axial inflow, we have the option of selecting a pump for almost all steam systems.


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