With liquid transport of different types of liquids, it is necessary that the tanks are completely cleaned internally in accordance with strict requirements and procedures before loading the next liquid. All types of liquids can be transported in the tanks, aimed at both the food sector and the chemical industry. These cleaning installations are therefore usually strictly separated. A lot of rinsing water is used when cleaning the tanks. This rinsing water is usually of a high temperature and contains all kinds of residual liquids and cleaning agents. A wastewater treatment plant ensures that wastewater can be discharged into the sewer in a responsible manner.

Tankcleaning 2.PNG

Bedu pumps supplies an extensive range of pumps for tank cleaning installations including dosing pumps for dosing cleaning agents, submersible pumps and plug-in pumps for pumping heavily polluted wastewater towards wastewater treatment, eccentric worm pumps for dosing polymer in wastewater treatment and pumping sludge, diaphragm pumps for pumping residual liquids, centrifugal pumps with withdrawn impeller for pumping wastewater with solid components, dosing pumps for adding iron chloride and sodium hydroxide solution, etc.

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