Biogas plants

Biogas is a gas mixture which arises as a consequence of biological enzymatic processes. The main components of biogas are methane and carbon dioxide. The gas is produced as a result of fermentation (anaerobic process) of organic material such as manure, sewage sludge, activated sludge or dumped garbage. In the latter case we speak of landfill gas. If residue remains on digestate (the wet end product).   

Due to the biological origin biogas is a renewable energy source. The use of (clean) biogas is encouraged because of the favorable combustion properties of methane. Today, in developed countries biogas from both wastewater treatment and waste dumps is increasingly used.   

By cleaning the biogas the quality of the biogas can be improved (in particular, by the removal of water and hydrogen sulfide). This application is used at forinstance CHP Plants or used as car fuel (similar to CNG). In the Netherlands, biogas upgraded to green gas and mixed into the natural gas network.                                                                                                                 

Bedu pumps supplies various pumps for this application including progressive cavity pumps.


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