Zenit PumpBox

Zenit PumpBox


PumpBox prefab pumpstations are an effective solution to collect and pump wastewater to the sewer.

  • Max. power: 3 kW
  • Max. capacity: 46 m3/hr
  • Max. discharge head: 26 m



The PumpBox series is made of high-quality polyethylene tanks for the collection of waste water.


- PE tank, EN 12050-1, 12050-2 certified

- Rated volume 75 litres (GR version) or 115 litres (DG version)

- White colour for immediate verification of liquid level inside

- Strong one-piece construction with internal reinforcement feet

- Low-noise version (<70dB), sealed against liquids and odeurs

- Large  Ø 90 mm inspection window on top wall

- GR version (grinder pump) or DG version (vortex pump)

- Single or dual pump version

- Maintenanc-free PVC fittings and check valves (GR version). Double check valve in UNI flanged cast iron (DG version)

- Float for maximum level alarm as standard

- Automatic pump start/stop system via float or level sensor 





  • PE-HD

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