Vertical sump pumps

Cantilever pumps are submersible pumps with a long shaft and an air cooled electric motor. Those pumps are often used if the liquid temperature is higher than 40°C, if an aggressive liquid is being pumped, if there must be no chance of any leakage, or if a high level of reliability is required.

  • RCV pump series

    Vertical pumps with recessed impeller.

    • Max. power: 75 kW
    • Max. capacity: 350 m3/hr
    • Max. capacity: 5833 l/min
    • Max. capacity: 350000 l/hr
    • Max. discharge head: 60 m
    • Max. pressure: 6 bar
    • Max. drainage: 112 mm
    • Max. insertion length: 6000 mm

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  • RCC pump series

    Cantilever pumps without bearings and seals in the liquid.

    • Max. capacity: 400 m3/hr
    • Max. capacity: 6667 l/min
    • Max. capacity: 400000 l/hr
    • Max. discharge head: 60 m
    • Max. insertion length: 1500 mm

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