Habermann Aurum pumps




Habermann Aurum Pumpen GmbH is a German manufacturer of centrifugal pumps for (heavily) abrasive and corrosive liquids, which are common in chemical and wastewater treatment.

Habermann is specialized in the production of slurry pumps. These highly wear-resistant pumps are manufactured from cast parts with hardnesses up to 650 HB and versions with various Hawiflex polyurethane linings.

The Hawiflex lining is not only wear-resistant, but also chemically resistant, which means that these pumps are often used in the chemical industry.

Habermann slurry pumps are suitable for pumping hard solids up to a maximum of 100 mm.

The capacity range of the Habermann pumps runs from 2 to 4,600 m3 / h, whereby the head can vary from 3 to 100 meters.

The Cantilever plug-in pumps can be installed both dry and wet and are excellent for pumping very aggressive liquids and for temperatures up to 90 ° C. The maximum insertion length without suction tube is 1,800 mm. The Habermann tail pumps are also available for pumping liquids with a high gas content or foaming liquids.

Delivery program:
- Habermann HPK pumps
- Habermann NPK pumps
- Habermann V300 pumps
- Habermann V1 pumps
- Habermann V2 pumps

Bedu Pompen is dealer for the Benelux of Habermann pumps and also specializes in the repair, overhaul and maintenance of Habermann pumps.

For more information, also visit the Habermann website: www.habermann-aurum-pumpen.de

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