Habermann aurum pumps

Habermann Aurum Pumpen produces centrifugal pumps for (heavy) abrasive and corrosive liquids which are common in chemicals and waste water processing, such as the sand, gravel, steel and dredging industry as well as the tunnel and mining industry.

The Habermann Aurum series HPK is distinguished by the use of three different types of innovative polyurethane lining and two types of rubber, so that all wet parts of the pump are fully protected against the abrasive and corrosive influences of the medium to be pumped.
The temperature range of the Polyurethane lining ranges from -30 ° C to a maximum of + 95 ° C, while the complete pH range of 0-14 can be covered.

The Habermann Aurum series NPK and HBN have been specially developed for the pumping of slurry.
These pumps are manufactured with very wear-resistant materials with hardnesses ranging from 230 to 650 HB.
This series is also suitable for pumping hard solid parts up to a maximum of 100 mm.
The exceptionally large wall thicknesses in combination with the excellent hardness of the selected materials make these pumps ideal for the dredging and tunneling industry and mining.

Both the Habermann Aurum pumps from the HPK series and the NPK series are mostly V-belt driven. As a result, the speed of these pumps can be adjusted in a simple manner and, if necessary, subsequently adjusted to changed conditions.
The capacity range of the Habermann Aurum pumps ranges from 2 to 4,600 m3 / h, whereby the head can vary from 3 to 100 meters.
Both pump types HPK and NPK can also be supplied in a vertical version with an immersion length up to 5,000 mm, longer lengths on request.

The cantilever version of the Habermann Aurum series, type V, can be installed both dry and wet and is ideal for pumping very aggressive media and for temperatures up to 90 ° C. Immersion depths up to 1,800 mm are standard.
Supplying a food tank for gassed and foam-forming liquids is also possible.

The Habermann Aurum pumps have been developed in such a way that it is very easy to change parts if necessary, so that the downtime and costs are kept to a minimum.

The mechanical seal of the pumps with its own unpressurised storage tank is specially designed for trouble-free operation of the pump and is available in single or double-acting (cartridge) mechanical seals.

Each Habermann Aurum pump is assembled according to customer specification.
Habermann Aurum has now delivered more than 30,000 pump installations to more than a thousand satisfied users worldwide. 


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