tuthill Pumps

Bedu Pumps is exclusive dealer for different brands of pumps in the Netherlands and Belgium. We can maintain, repair and overhaul any pump to a professional standard.

Monoblock magnetically driven gear metering pumps with standardized IEC electric motor.

Capacity: max. 458 l / h
Pressure: max. 17.2 bar
Drive: Electric
Explosion proof ATEX
Can aspirate dry

The Tuthil D-series gear-dosing pumps are extremely suitable for pulsation-free dosing of clean liquids with a viscosity between 0.3 and 2,000 mPa.s
These pumps have a very wide dosing range that can go up to a turn-down ratio of 1: 100.
The pumps are leak-free because they are magnet-driven as standard

In terms of materials, the pumps are available in stainless steel AISI 316, Hastelloy, Titanium or plastic.

Optionally available in Atex

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