Ecolab dosing pumps

Ecolab is a German manufacturer of pneumatic dosing pumps and motor-driven dosing pumps.
Lang Apparatenbau was founded in 1962 and has been part of the Ecolab group for 17 years. Previously, the Ecolab pumps were marketed under the name Lang dosing pumps and Elados dosing pumps. The current name of this manufacturer of dosing pumps is ECOLAB Engineering GmbH.

Ecolab dosing pumps are high quality pumps. The Ecolab pumps are available in fairly simple to very extensive versions. For example, the pumps are available with an Ecolab Multitronic dosing cabinet. This Ecolab Multronic control has many options including pH control, Rx control and conductivity control. Of course there are also options for a 4-20 mA control, Profibus connection, etc.

The Ecolab dosing pumps are used for various chemicals. For example, there are: dosing pumps for caustic soda, dosing pumps for sulfuric acid, dosing pumps for ferric chloride, dosing pumps for polymer, dosing pumps for lye, dosing pumps for acids, dosing pumps for hydrochloric acid, dosing pumps for chlorine, dosing pumps for sodium hypochloride, dosing pumps for potassium lye, etc. These above-mentioned dosing pumps can also be used. are supplied as complete dosing systems and dosing cabinets.

The Ecolab Elados series is available with pump heads made of various materials such as PP, PVDF and stainless steel.

The Ecolab dosing pumps are widely used as an alternative to Prominent dosing pumps, alternative to Sera dosing pumps, alternative to LMI dosing pumps, alternative to Milton Roy dosing pumps, alternative to Grundfos dosing pumps, alternative to Pulsatron dosing pumps, alternative to Iwaki dosing pumps.

The Ecolab dosing pumps are used in various markets. So there are: dosing pumps for water purification, dosing pumps for the textile industry, dosing pumps for textile laundries, dosing pumps for car wash, dosing pumps for car laundries, dosing pumps for car washes, dosing pumps for air washers, dosing pumps for gas scrubbers, dosing pumps for scrubbers, dosing pumps for swimming pools, dosing pumps for steam , dosing pumps for water treatment, dosing pumps for galvano, dosing pumps for osmosis systems, etc.

Bedu Pumps is exclusive dealer for the Benelux of Ecolab pumps and also specializes in repairing, overhauling and maintaining Ecolab pumps.

For more information, also visit the Ecolab website:

Ecolab Pneumatische doseerpompen serie

Ecolab Turbo Smart II serie

Ecolab Turbo serie

Ecolab Turbo Smart serie

Ecolab EMP-KKS serie

Ecolab EMP serie voor waterbehandeling

Ecolab EMP II (HP) serie

Ecolab EMP III (HP) serie

Ecolab EMP IV (HP) serie

Ecolab Doseerunit met batch tank

Ecolab Contact watermeters


EMP III_series

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