Grun drum pumps


Grün is a German manufacturer of drum pumps.
Drum pumps and container pumps are ideally suited for the safe and economical transfer and filling of liquids from barrels and containers. There is a suitable pump for every liquid to be pumped.
Depending on the type of liquid and viscosity, Grün has a suitable pump and motor. There are eccentric screw pumps for high viscous liquids.
Grün drum pumps and container pumps are available in various materials such as aluminum, PP, PVDF, stainless steel AISI 316 and Hastelloy.
The length of the Grün pump pipes varies from 700 mm for 25 liter drums, 1000 mm for 200 liter drums and 1200 mm for 1000 liter IBC containers.
Grün pumping systems can be combined with different motors in 230 Volt with different motor powers, in 400 Volt, compressed air motors and explosion-proof versions.
Grün drum pumps are distinguished by the robust coupling between motor and pump unit.
Adapters are also available, allowing Grün pumps to be combined with Lutz drum pumps and Flux drum pumps.

chemical industry
paint and ink industry
pharmaceutical industry
surface treatment

Bedu Pompen is dealer for the Benelux of Grün pumps and is also specialized in the repair, overhaul and maintenance of all barrel pumps.

For more information, also visit the Grün website:

View the operation of a drum pump below:

 Vatpomp Grun.PNG                Vatpomp Grun 2.PNG




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