Versa Matic pumps



Versa Matic is an American manufacturer of pneumatically driven diaphragm pumps and is part of the Warren Rupp group within the IDEX group.
This group also includes the Sandpiper diaphragm pumps, the Blagdon diaphragm pumps and the Marathon diaphragm pumps.

The Versa Matic pumps are distinguished by their reliable operation, the small number of parts in the pump and the competitive pricing.
The pumps are available in various materials including aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel AISI 316, Hastelloy, polypropylene and Kynar.

Versa Matic diaphragm pumps are widely used for pumping acids, alkalis, solvents, various chemicals, sludge, paint, ink, oil, etc.

The Versa Matic air-operated diaphragm pumps are used in the chemical industry, paint and ink industry, automotive industry, animal feed industry, galvanic industry, food industry, shipping, etc.

Bedu Pompen is dealer for the Benelux of Versa-Matic pumps and is also specialized in the repair, overhaul and maintenance of Versa-Matic diaphragm pumps.
For more information, also visit the Versa-Matic website:

Versa Matic E8 3/8" Kunststof membraanpompen

Versa Matic E5 1/2" Metalen membraanpompen

Versa Matic E5 1/2" Kunststof membraanpompen

Versa Matic E1 1" Metalen membraanpompen

Versa Matic E1 1" Kunststof membraanpompen

Versa Matic E4 1 1/2" Kunststof membraanpompen

Versa Matic Hoge druk membraanpompen

Versa Matic E40 1 1/2" Metalen membraanpompen

Versa Matic E2 2" Metalen Membraanpompen

Versa Matic U2 2" Kunststof membraanpompen

Versa Matic Membraanpompen met gescheiden manifolds

Versa Matic E3 3" Metalen membraanpompen

Versa Matic E3 3" Kunststof Membraanpompen

Versa Matic Food processing membraanpompen

Versa Matic Pulsatiedempers

Versa Matic Lekdetectie




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