Jung pumps

Jung is a German producer of submersible pumps and part of the Pentair Water Group.

Jung pumps deliver a wide range of submersible pumps for pumping drainage water, waste water and sewage water. Jung pumps are supplied with various impeller types including half-open impellers, closed-channel impellers, recessed impellers or vortex impellers and grinder submersible pumps.

Besides submersible pumps, Jung also supplies waste water installations. Jung waste water installations are compact, odourless, synthetic tanks with a pump, a level control and a non-return valve.

The Jung Compli installations are widely used in house boats, restaurants, night clubs and for household waste water if the sewage system that it has to be connected to is at a higher level.

Jung Multicut grinder submersible pumps are equipped with an excentric cutting knife similar to that of the Zenit Grinder submersible pumps. These grinder submersible pumps can be supplied with a special adapter for the foot clutch so they can easily be exchanged with other brands of grinder pumps including ITT Flygt, ABS, KSB, Homa, Grundfos, Landustrie and Robot.

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