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Jung Pumpen, part of Pentair, is a German manufacturer with over 90 years of experience in the field of pumps for drainage and wastewater treatment.

Jung pumps supplies a wide range of submersible pumps for pumping drainage water, waste water and sewage water.

Jung pumps are available with different impeller types including half-open impeller, closed channel impeller, retracted or vortex impeller and grinder submersible pumps.
In addition to submersible pumps, Jung also supplies waste water installations and faeces lifting installations.

Jung Compli wastewater installations are compact odor-proof plastic reservoirs complete with pump, level control, control box and non-return valve. These installations are extremely suitable for placement in cellars and houseboats,

Jung Multicut submersible grinding pumps are equipped with an external cutting blade.
These submersible grinding pumps can be supplied with a special foot coupling adapter which makes them easy to interchange with other brands of cutting pumps including ITT Flygt, ABS, KSB, Homa, Grundfos, Landijven and Robot.

Jung Multifree submersible pumps are equipped with a retracted impeller (vortex), which means that the pumps have a large dirt passage and can pump large solid parts without clogging.

Jung Multistream submersible pumps are equipped with an open channel impeller that makes the pumps extremely suitable for pumping wastewater with solid components in combination with a relatively high head.

Jung pumps are used in sewage plants and wastewater treatment plants.

Bedu Pompen is a dealer for Jung pumps in the Benelux and also specializes in the repair, overhaul and maintenance of Jung pumps.

For more information, also visit the Jung Pompen website: www.jung-pumpen.nl

Jung U3K serie

Jung U3K Spezial

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Jung Compli MultiCut

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Jung Multidrain UV 600

Jung Compli 400

Jung Compli 500

Jung Compli 1200

Jung Compli 1000

Jung Compli 1500/2500

Jung COMPLI 400 afvalwaterinstallatie                                    Jung US73/103H-HE dompelpomp       Jung COMPLI MULTICUT afvalwaterinstallatie
Watch the video below about our Jung pumps and Jung waste water installations.

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